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  1. Shakale

    1. an inability to appreciate music 2. a person who does not appreciate music or has poor taste in music.
  2. Mikalkree

    Second, showing that tin ear meant ear trumpet, a article in American Playwright titled The Tin Ear in the Drama and Elsewhere. This article talks about Thomas Edison's invention of the audiophone, an early hearing aid, and complains about this invention not being available to the public.
  3. Daigor

    Tin ear definition, an insensitivity to melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic variety in music. See more.
  4. Mikajinn

    Apr 06,  · After i saw the Tinnitus thread i figured a few on here might be able to give me a bit of ear advice. The back story is last week thursday i came down with a chest infection, Doc gave me 5 days of antibiotics, while on those i got the flu which now seems to be clearing. Two mornings ago i woke up and my ears were blocked, i figured it was just due to the flu and it will go away, well all my.
  5. Sarr

    Definition of tin ear in the Fine Dictionary. Meaning of tin ear with illustrations and photos. Pronunciation of tin ear and it's etymology. Related words - tin ear synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. Example sentences containing tin ear.
  6. Dokree

    Tin ear definition is - a deafened or insensitive ear. How to use tin ear in a sentence.
  7. Zulusar

    To play tunes by ear or to read the sheet music? That's a question I have read on many's an internet forum. I get sent many emails from people who have stated that they recently took up playing the tin whistle, some are aged over 80 years old and said that without the music notes on this site they would not have continued playing the.
  8. Kijin

    tin ear 1. A lack of musical ability, especially in relation to proper pitch. Unfortunately, most karaoke singers have a tin ear. 2. The inability to recognize subtleties in language. Don't try to joke around with him—he has a tin ear and can't distinguish sarcasm. See also: ear, tin tin ear Fig. a poor ear for music; a poor hearing ability when it.
  9. Grom

    In , Tin released his classical crossover album Calling All Dawns. The album is a song-cycle in three uninterrupted movements: Day, Night, and Dawn (corresponding to life, death, and rebirth). The twelve songs are sung in twelve languages, including Swahili, Polish, French, Persian, and Maori.

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