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  1. Nikohn

    a word or phrase that is often repeated and that expresses something that people believe in: "Think global, act local " is a powerful mantra for the 21st century. (Definition of mantra from the Cambridge .
  2. Nirn

    Definition of mantra in the vigorvoshakarkajill.xyzinfo dictionary. Meaning of mantra. What does mantra mean? Information and translations of mantra in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions .
  3. Shakasa

    Mantra, in Hinduism and Buddhism, a sacred utterance (syllable, word, or verse) that is considered to possess mystical or spiritual efficacy. Various mantras are either spoken aloud or merely sounded internally in one’s thoughts, and they are either repeated continuously for .
  4. Dulrajas

    Examples of mantra in a Sentence a businessman whose mantra is “bigger is better” Recent Examples on the Web In response, many hospitals have created ad hoc systems for delivering primary care through telemedicine, buoyed by the mantra: If patients won’t come .
  5. Zugul

    mantra: 1 n (Sanskrit) literally a `sacred utterance' in Vedism; one of a collection of orally transmitted poetic hymns Type of: religious text, religious writing, sacred text, sacred writing writing that is venerated for the worship of a deity n a commonly repeated word or phrase “she repeated `So pleased with how its going' at intervals.
  6. Mikakinos

    Mantra is an American comic book series written by Mike Barr, mainly penciled by Terry Dodson and published by Malibu Comics in the mids, until it was purchased by Marvel Comics, leading to the cancellation of the title after 24 issues. Adam Hughes is credited for the character designs.. Mantra is the name of the lead character, an Ultra (superhero) within Malibu's Ultraverse line of vigorvoshakarkajill.xyzinfod by: Mike Barr.
  7. Yozshugami

    noun Hinduism. a word or formula, as from the Veda, chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer. an often repeated word, formula, or phrase, often a truism: If I hear the “less is more” mantra one more .
  8. Tujar

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