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  1. Guzuru

    Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond.
  2. Tygosida

    Apr 20,  · #21 KacchanShinee Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner. Joined Apr 13, Messages 1 Reaction score 7 Age 26 Country. 神のごとし / Kami no Gotoshi / Godlike. Global Moderator. Joined Apr 30, Messages 25, Reaction score 24, Gender Male Country.
  3. Zolojora

    Seiko Matano is a second year at Shiraitodai High. This is her first year with the main team. Seiko has short greenish-grey hair and magenta eyes. She wears shorts along with her Shiraitodai uniform.
  4. Balabar

    Fukuyama Jun was born November 26, in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan and grew up in Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture. He is a noted voice actor (seiyuu). At the first Seiyuu Awards, held in , he won the award for Best Main Actor for his leading role as Lelouch Lamperouge in Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch and had also been nominated in the category for Best Male Rookie.
  5. Vizuru

    Seika High School mapcaption Kanji 成果 高校 English Seika High School Type Education Facilities Location Japan Manga Debut Chapter 1 Anime Debut Misa is a Maid! Seika High School (成果 高校, Seika Kōkō), which used to be an all-boys school, was changed into a co-ed school a few years ago. Their current Student Council President is Soutarou Kanou. This high school is the main.
  6. Tor

    Jan 07,  · A computer genius and hacker that lives in a secret room of Izumo Inn, and was once mistaken for a ghost by Kusano. She becomes Minato's third Sekirei.
  7. Vudodal

    Histoire (イストワール, Isutowāru) is a second class bookman for the WGO and was selected to be an impartial judge for the Régiment de Cuisine between Central and the rebels. Histoire is a tall man, appearing to be of African origin, with short curly hair and round glasses. He wears a beige pinstripe suit over a dark blue shirt and red tie.
  8. Kagakazahn

    Sei is a rather tall female that excels in martial arts. It didnt help when she was killed in a bike accident and led her to be a new hunter for Gantz. She falls for Kei Kurono at first sight.
  9. Jukree

    Mar 31,  · LP ISHIKAWA, SERI sericeous night 28PL JAPAN LP ISHIKAWA, SERI rakuen 28PL JAPAN LP MATSUDA, SEIKO supreme 28AH JAPAN LP MATSUDA, SEIKO strawberry time 28AH JAPAN LP SAITO, YUKI chime C28A JAPAN LP SAITO, YUKI glass no kodou C28A JAPAN LP MATSUDA, SEIKO snow garden 28AH JAPAN.

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