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  1. Vudoshicage

    1. Emulate Other People’s Goals in Life. When you decide how you’re gonna spend the next 10, 20 or 50 years of your life, just look around at what other people want and want the same. Take on their life goals as your own. You’ll probably decide to get a 9 to 6 job, get married, get a mortgage, buy a house and have a couple of kids.
  2. Kajirg

    The Period Surfers, Category: Artist, Singles: Argus, Argus, Argus, Words, Life Sucks, Top Tracks: Argus, Words, Locked, TUTCMRDHBNTCMH, Jvp, Biography: Punkrock with.
  3. Nerg

    Muziek: The Period Surfers - Life Sucks ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Enterprise.
  4. Gonris

    Period. Especially for international orders. I've worked in customer service a lot in my life. I'm generally very agreeable, even exceedingly so, until someone obviously has the "i want something for free" signifiers all over them or the "my life sucks and I like to take it .
  5. Yozshulkis

    It has every song that I love from the movie on this cd and a few extra songs that I did not know were in the movie. Highly recommend this soundtrack if you love a good surfing cd, some reggae, new age rock and even a 80's song by the Romantics in here, too. makes me think of the surfer life Read more. Helpful. Comment Report abuse /5(54).
  6. Gushicage

    Born August 24th, in Honolulu, Duke Kahanamoku went onto become the undisputed father of modern surfing. Although Hawaiians had been riding waves since before the arrival of Captain Cook, Kahanamoku exposed the sport to the rest of the world. After winning a gold and silver medal in swimming at the Stockholm Olympics, he traveled the world and subsequently introduced surfing to .
  7. Tekus

    On Wednesday, April 8, at PM UTC-4, OllieN @vigorvoshakarkajill.xyzinfo wrote: > we are all ahead of the times until we die then it passes us like a freight train. Some people are behind the times and the freight train comes late and slow, slicing through their bodies in ultra slow motion while they're still alive.
  8. Shanos

    Life Sucks. Apr Words. Dec Demo. Jan contact / help. Contact The Period Surfers. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account If you like The Period Surfers, you may also like: The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable [LP] by Chemtrails. Excellent indie pop from Chemtrails brings to mind the breathless pop-punk.
  9. Voodookasa

    For surfers who have decided to live outside of conventional lifestyles, surfing is not considered as a sport - it is a way of life and in some cases, possibly, a religion. Even for some of those surfers involved in the competitive circuit, contests are seen as a means to finance their surfing addiction.

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