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  1. Kagataxe

    Find out where Upstream Color is streaming, if Upstream Color is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. Aliens, dystopia, and superheroes, oh my! Watch the best sci-fi movies out there.
  2. Nezil

    IIRC he has said he started Upstream Color with the question of identity. He was curious who we are and how we act when our identity is completely stripped away, and we're left wondering what our purpose is. So the plot is basically the way of unraveling identity and seeing how people cope with that.
  3. Taujind

    Apr 05,  · You may not want to know anything about Shane Carruth ’s “ Upstream Color,” which opens in several theaters this week, because much of its .
  4. Dogal

    Aug 30,  · Nine years after PRIMER Shane Carruth's long awaited second film is as dense as expected, with an impossible to understand third act that still manages to intrigue due to its sheer technical mastery. With UPSTREAM COLOR Carruth proves he is not a one-shot wonder/10(K).
  5. Tekus

    May 18,  · Upstream Color, with its tripartite plot and mysterious secondary characters, its emphasis on bodies and gestures and a pervading sense of the familiar being rendered alien, has Author: K. Austin Collins.
  6. Malacage

    The film Upstream Color directed by Shane Carruth can be used for the discussion of such a concept of virality. This notion is widely applied to describe the development of popular culture, especially the spread of various ideas, symbols, neologisms, and even patterns of behavior (Brown 7).
  7. Nilkis

    Shane Carruth (born January 1, ) is an American former filmmaker, screenwriter, composer, and actor. He is the writer, director, and co-star of the prize-winning science-fiction film Primer (), which was his debut feature. His second film, Upstream Color (), was an experimental science-fiction film which he wrote, directed, produced, edited, designed, and starred in.
  8. Nagrel

    Upstream Color (): Movie Plot Ending Explained After almost 9 years since Primer, Shane Carruth returned with his next film, Upstream Color. Once again, Shane played multiple roles in the creation of this film – producer (one of), director, writer, actor (one .

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