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  1. Samuzilkree

    Directed by Pirjo Honkasalo. A documentary story about a man and his companion's journey up the river Ganga (Ganges) in India.
  2. Meztiran

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  3. Zushakar

    Nov 23,  · Understanding the True Self or Atman is fundamental to living as a yogi. The atman is the unchanging part of who we are that is characterized by uninterrupted joy and bliss. In .
  4. Dougar

    Apr 08,  · The Atman had come to be identified with the Jivatman - the individual 'self.' There is also a confusion with Ahamkara - the 'I-sense.' In the West, there has long been serious confusion along parallel lines between soul, spirit and nous as the highest spiritual faculties in human beinghood.
  5. Mikarr

    Atman is Sanskrit for "soul." This Finnish-German documentary is narrated by year-old Indian pilgrim Jamana Lal, afflicted with congenital defects which have given him a twisted back and stumps Category: Documentary, Drama, Special Interest.
  6. Kasar

    Atman is the immortal and immutable aspect of mortal existence, which is the substratum of every object of creation including man. The Self is the essential core of one’s being or what is known in the Christian tradition as the eternal soul. It is one’s very essence. In most spiritual traditions of Hinduism, it is considered to be pure.
  7. Bratilar

    Investing in Global Markets for the Health and Wellness of Mankind.
  8. Mimuro

    Beginning with Vedantic Hindu philosophy, the Ātman — Sanskrit (masculine nominative singular: Ātmā) is regarded as an underlying metaphysical vigorvoshakarkajill.xyzinfo is hidden in every object, including humans. It is first seen in its current Hindu usage in the Upanishads, some of which date back to vigorvoshakarkajill.xyzinfo word “Atman” (pronounced in Sanskrit like “Atma”) is interpreted by some schools as.

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