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  1. Vubar

    When you walked in the room I felt my heart race But you in the food when I look at your face In your lips I sense a danger You've got the eyes of a stranger In your lips I see a danger You've got the eyes of a stranger Solo [Chorus repeats] You've got the eyes of a stranger Watch: New Singing Lesson Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer.
  2. Fauran

    Payolas (or Payola$) were a Canadian rock band, most prominent in the s. Evolving from a new wave sound toward mainstream pop-rock, they released several albums and singles that were Canadian chart hits.. The band's name is a reference to the payola scandal in the United States in the early s. The group was based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and recorded mostly at Vancouver's Little.
  3. Voodoolmaran

    I still have the "Eyes of a stranger" cassette tape. Which still playable on my Walkman and cassette boom boxes. It is very evident the prominence of Babyface's voice on most of the songs. "Two occasions" is my favorite song from beginning to end in this album. Now in /5(21).
  4. Voodoorg

    Mar 16,  · It just shows the photo of the wonderful group of people, who became famous in the 80's with their great hit, "Eyes Of A Stranger". The rest, as they say, was history Here's the lyrics to the.
  5. Mogis

    In the Eyes of a Stranger  (48)IMDb h 34minNR One woman's life is changed forever the night Lynn Carlson is caught in the crossfire of two gunmen. The killers were behind a gold heist and two milliion dollars are missing.
  6. Kisida

    Synopsis Jane (Lauren Tewes), a Florida television newscaster, reports on the latest victim of a serial killer rapist, insisting that women be extra vigilant. That night, Debbie (Gwen Lewis), a waitress, returns home from work and becomes frightened by threatening telephone calls from a stranger.
  7. Faedal

    Back to "In The Eyes Of A Stranger. Anderson plays a tough luck cop who gets caught up with a hard luck office girl who has a close friend working at the same place. The last couple of minutes of the move fills you in on the mysterious past of the women. Great idea, the storyline, but the writers didn't give it /5(54).
  8. Malakree

    Apr 23,  · Directed by David Heavener. With David Heavener, Martin Landau, Sally Kirkland, Don Swayze. A stranger comes into town and causes a stir when he stands up for the townfolk, in the face of the intimidation tactics from Mayor Howard Baines/10().
  9. Mejind

    Your eyes, You've got that look in your eyes In your eyes In your lips I sense a danger And you've got the eyes of a stranger In your lips I see a danger And you've got the eyes of a stranger You.

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