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  1. Faumuro

    Keep it Alive!, This strange creature is about to begin an exciting journey in this adventure game, but there’s just one problem. It’s completely defenseless! Can you keep it alive while you smash through all the barriers and other dangerous objects that are standing in its way?/5(22).
  2. Tojatilar

    keep [sth] alive vtr + adj figurative (maintain awareness or popularity of [sth]) mantenere viva l'attenzione su [qlcs] vtr verbo transitivo o transitivo pronominale: Verbo che richiede un complemento oggetto: " Lava la mela prima di mangiar la" - "Non mi aspettavo un successo così grande".
  3. Mozragore

    Keep-alive connections allow CDNs to reduce your site’s RTT while still providing SSL/TLS security benefits. The Imperva CDN uses keep-alive to maintain an open connection with your origin-server in between user sessions, for a few minutes at a time—as long as your site is visited while the connection is open, your CDN doesn’t need to engage in any new SSL/TLS negotiations.
  4. Kebei

    Benefits of Keep-Alive Reduced CPU Usage: Creating new TCP connections can take a lot of resources such as CPU and memory usage. Keeping Web page speed: The ability to serve multiple files using the same connection can reduce latency and allow web pages to.
  5. Dik

    KeepAliveHD is an app designed to prevent your hard drive from entering sleep mode. This is done by automatically creating a tiny single text file every few minutes. It features a manager for.
  6. Arale

    For sound decoders specifically, Keep Alive® prevents sound interruptions and engine stalling that can occur from hiccups in power delivery. When power to your locomotive is interrupted, Keep Alive® delivers seconds of additional power to keep your locomotive running .
  7. Fenritaur

    May 10,  · To keep minnows alive, keep them in a dark, cool spot, like your closet or basement. Don’t overcrowd your tank since too many fish decrease the oxygen and increase the heat, causing them to die quickly. If you plan to keep your minnows for a few days, use 1 ounce of hydrogen peroxide for every 3 gallons of water to assist with the formation 84%(72).
  8. Gur

    Mar 05,  · KeepAliveHD is a simple program which prevents your hard drive to go into automatic standby mode. It works by writing a small text file to your external drive every few minutes.
  9. Meztirr

    KeepAlive is a freeware application that keeps your (wireless) connection alive. It does this by sitting in your task bar and regularly pinging a certain host. The host to ping and the pause Subcategory: Miscellaneous.

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