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  1. Mazugami

    Kev, like many Generation X record collectors, collects mostly punk, classic rock, and metal. But unlike Kevin, he prefers first presses, and seeks them out when shopping for new records. He said: “I’ve got about vinyl albums, and singles. Once you start it just doesn’t stop!
  2. Kim

    Shane MacGowan, editor of punk rock magazine 'Bondage' in his office at St Andrews Chambers, Wells Street, London. He went on to front The Pogues. (Photo by Sydney O'Meara/Getty Images). shane patrick lysaght macgowan, london a very young looking eighteen year-old, indeed. The 9 Most Powerful Lessons Punk Rock Teaches You.
  3. Vudorisar

    carrying a great selection of NEW VINYL. All the classic ’s’s pop/rock and jazz reissues, plus many new releases on vinyl (most on beautiful gram vinyl!). We also carry an amazing selection of music DVDs, super-cool posters and rock n roll collectibles. Come .
  4. Jull

    In the wake of pop’s rediscovery of itself, prompted by the blitzkrieg success of punk, proved to be a splendid year for debut albums, indeed perhaps the best since kicked off the Golden Age Of Prog Rock. Most of the artists concerned were promising newcomers, but .
  5. Goramar

    A USA Today opinion poll named Journey the fifth-best U.S. rock band in history.[11][12] Their songs have become arena rock staples and are still played on rock radio stations across the world. Journey ranks No. 96 on VH1's Greatest Artists of All Time.
  6. Arashijinn

    May 12,  · The tonearm/needle combination on some players, particularly cheap ones, can be overly heavy and cause much more wear. A good quality needle and a light tonearm probably won't cause any noticeable wear during a lifetime of playing. My dad kept all his rock records from the s, and they are all in excellent condition.
  7. Akirn

    In , hard rock/heavy metal magazine Hit Parader named Plant No, 1 on their list of the Greatest Metal Vocalists of All-Time, a list which included Rob Halford of Judas Priest (#2), Steven Tyler (#3), Freddie Mercury (#6), Geddy Lee (#13) and Paul Stanley (#18), all of whom were influenced by Plant,[4] In , Rolling Stone named Plant.
  8. Kagasho

    The Crawlers are back with their 3rd record. This time shitting on Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons football player who abused and murdered Pit Bulls for gambling purposes. 3 songs total that deliver a major punch to the face. Portland Hardcore at it's finest. Only pressed on black vinyl.

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