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  1. Dailkree

    Kicking her career off with an exciting but flawed debut ('s Pink Friday) and a scattershot and safe sophomore release ('s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded), Young Money superstar Nicki Minaj continues to mess with her discography with this re-upping re-release, which tacks eight new tracks onto the front of her second album. Good news is, the too-pop Roman Reloaded now feels more balanced.
  2. Brarr

    Kolapse by Tobias Reber, released 16 December 1. Drescher und Wemmser - Schmierfett 2. Guy Birkin - Bytes per Second (Piñata Remix) 3. Lärmheim - Morning Punch-up (Maniok Remix) 4. Kryshe - Piñata (Kryshe Remix) 5. The Redundant Rocker - Maniok (The Redundant Rocker Remix) 6. Erik Emil Eskildsen feat. Stormtrap Asifeh - Plolyglol (Polyglot Remix) 7.

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