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  1. Brakasa

    Mek yuh feel alright, givin yuh di lovin a yuh life Mek yuh sweat till di mornin light Woman yuh mek di sin ting rise, Anytime mi press upon yuh tight Baby and mi mek mi wuk yuh all night Mek yuh feel alright, givin yuh di lovin a yuh life Mek yuh sweat till di mornin light .
  2. Kazrabar

    Oct 22,  · David’s cover of this classic is titled, Feeling Alright. The opening to the song was the perfect blend of jazz and soul. The piano & bass intro was full of life and vibrance. They even threw in a little tambourine for good measure.
  3. Yojar

    All right, everyone: listen up. If you were listening when your English teacher said that, you probably learned that all right is the only way to write the word that is also sometimes spelled vigorvoshakarkajill.xyzinfo Townshend preferred the tighter version when he wrote the lyrics to The Who's famous song, The Kids are Alright, and James Joyce thought alright was better (in one instance out of 38) for.
  4. Zolozahn

    BOB MARLEY - Feel Alright Lyrics. One Love! One Heart! Let's get together and feel all right. Hear the children cryin' (One Love!); Hear the children cryin' (One Heart!), Say.
  5. Voodoonos

    referencing It's Alright, I Feel It (MAW/Mood II Swing Mixes), 2x12", Promo, TLK OK, TLK OJ If you're a big mood II swing fan (I am!) it is worth checking their remix. Beautiful production as always and my favourite version of this track - love the way it rolls along.
  6. Dugis

    and RIGHT NOW I feel alright Do you feel it, has God been good to you, Do you feel it, Do you have a testimony, Thank you Jesus, I wanna know, Let me hear you say, Thank you Jesus, heyeeeeeey. I want to ask you a question, You ought to stand to your feet. Do you feel it, I feel alright.
  7. Akikree

    The original Traffic version of the song, filled with the corresponding melancholy, was issued as "Feelin' Alright?" - the question mark providing a vital clue to the content. Joe Cocker's version scrapped the punctuation and was issued as "Feeling Alright," which is how it was listed on most subsequent covers.
  8. Kajin

    Writing for Entertainment Weekly, Alanna Nash gave I Feel Alright an "A" grade. She wrote, "If I Feel Alright doesn’t deliver the grit that has been Earle’s gift to rock and country, his roots-rock joie de vivre sends no apologies, only a healthy message for the ’90s: Don’t feel bad about feeling good.". Accolades.

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